Love the old … and loving the new …

It’s pretty easy to tell that we like vintage things – classic things – okay, we like old things:

old scissors

old scissors,

old machine

and old machines


and old spools

old buttons

and old buttons

old pattern

and, yes, even old patterns.

But we know that there are advantages to new things, too. Advantages to being in the current century.

So we are launching our patterns in a new format – PDF downloadable patterns.

available as PDF tag

We’ve talked about it for quite a while and agreed about it and thought about the process and now the concept is becoming reality. The idea behind making our patterns available in PDF form, as well as in paper, is that it would give you quicker access to the patterns and allow you to skip the shipping charges.

Now, after a few extra hours at the computer, we are ready to launch our first PDF collection -

Thank you, God, for Everything.

TG folks

Seems appropriate for a lot of reasons.

This first PDF collection includes the patterns for:

final TG apron photo for printing

Pilgrim Apron

TG bread wrap

Bread Wrap

TG casserole carrier

Casserole Carrier

TG place mat

Place Mats and Napkins

TG table runner

and the Table Runner.

papoose1 for printing

Oh, wait! I almost forgot — the Papoose Cuddle Quilt is available, too.

This collection features three of our Really Big Hat folks and a timeless poem:

(Yes, we love old poetry, too.)

Thank you for the world so sweet

Thank you for the food we eat

Thank you for the birds that sing

Thank you, God, for everything!

You can get these PDF patterns for your very own HERE on our web store and HERE on our etsy store.

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Mother’s Medallion e-book is ready for you!

FL Sister id tag

We are still reveling in the fun of one of our favorite weeks of the whole year!

Every fall, the last weekend of September means our annual “Company Business Meeting”  (a flight from Florida for so we can work and play together during Quilt A Fair at the Boulder County Fairgrounds.) Key to that is celebrating the patterns that have grown from concept to reality in the past year.

This year we are celebrating the unveiling of our first book: Mother’s Medallion Quilt!

Mother's Medallion Quilt instructions 9 sm

An e-book with instructions, templates and diagrams, we put it in the PDF downloadable pattern format so that we can give you live links to YouTube “how-to” videos and connections to other helpful sites. You can purchase it HERE.

Mother’s Medallion is filled with a variety of techniques and blocks that span a wide range of difficulty.

Cindy's quilt for cover sm

Stained Glass

tulip stamp sm

Paper Piecing

pansh stamp sm

Log Cabin

rose stamp sm

English Paper Piecing

basket stamp sm

Dimensional Flowers

folded flower2 stamp sm

Crazy Quilting and Ribbon Embroidery

bouquet stamp sm

The Mother’s Medallion collection also includes simpler projects drawn from each of the different rows of the quilt. You can find them on our store site HERE.

Now we promise: as soon as we are finished reveling we will be back at work on the new To Do list to get ready for next fall’s “Company Business Meeting”.


PS – We will be making a special effort to connect with shop owners and guild program committees regarding wholesale pricing so that Mother’s Medallion can be used as a teaching quilt.


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It’s a wrap…on summer!

CO Sister id tagMy favorite time of year is fast approaching.  FALL! I love everything about it.  Colors, sights, sounds, temperatures, smells and of course FAMILY.  We celebrate four birthdays in the month of September alone and then six more in October and yes, even three more in November!  (None of them are mine, thank goodness.)


Speaking of sights & smells brought to mind the bounty that fall brings.  My little apple tree in the back yard has gone from this






to this…. apple-tree-2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 to this…Apple_pie




Dear DIL and I will be making applesauce tomorrow as well as Grandma Evelyn’s apple butter for muffins this winter.  It only gets better as you can see by the produce DH brought home (sorry, no garden here as I’m too busy quilting).


I’m not trying to make your mouth water but if you are feeling like I am, it is time to wrap up summer and get out the fall decor. We recommend that you begin with the Sisters At Heart Miles Apart pillow wraps for fall. Get ready to cozy up with a cup of cider and quilt on the last of the 4 seasonal segments of the Seasons at My Window collection.

The patterns are individual wraps so you’ll have time to do one before the month is ready to change.    Seasons-autumn-wrap-


Or stitch them all together in the Seasons at My Window wall hanging.Seasons-autumn-window-







You probably got the hint that I’m so ready to wrap up summer and ready to get into fall -

ready to work with wool (as in the text of the wall hanging)

ready to do some handwork

ready to do a show in Colorado at the end of September ( Hope to see you at Quilt-a-Fair in Longmont in September.)

AND I’m really ready for some birthday cake.  (Did I mention that sister’s birthday is in the fall?)

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Inspirational Wishes

CO Sister id tag

While doing DEEP research (shopping) at the local quilt store, Insprirations (which is 35 miles one way from my home), I was thrilled to see what the new owner has accomplished in one short month.  Check out her FB page and if you’re in Colorado, make her shop a stop!

shop 2

This particular visit included a trunk show and lecture from fellow quilt designer, Karla Eisenach of Sweetwater.  We have known her for….well, never mind how long.  That would reveal too much.Karla-webShe gave an” inspirational” trunk show and encouraged us in our design journey.   What really made the connection was how much we are drawn to Karla’s fabric for our designs without intending to be.  We had chosen some random fabrics months ago to use in the last project from Mother’s Medallion Line. Behold it turns out to be a lot of  “Wishes” from Sweetwater. idea-board-fabricSo make your wishes come true (and your sister’s) by completing a simple project using Sister’s Choice quilt block.  This newest pattern will hopefully keep your ideas coming.

idea board for blog

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A Stitch In Time

CO Sister id tag


As the saying goes, “A stitch in time, saves nine.”  So if you get the right stitch, in the right place, at the right time, it is supposed to make things easier.  That was certainly true as we stitched the crazy quilting on our Parlor Pillow (from the Mother’s Medallion Line).for printing

And shortly after the first of the year, I thought that was what I was doing – getting the right stitch at the right time.  But the Doctor was obviously NOT a quilter.  He did an excellent job with the double knee replacement, but let’s just say his stitches were a bit off.  Life certainly wasn’t immediately easier because of his work.  The only thing that helped was that Sister 1 came to the rescue.  She put aside her sewing needle, put on her nursing cap and flew to the rescue.  nurses


I wouldn’t be back on my feet now without her tender loving care.  Thanks, Sister!  Proof that I am making progress: I actually picked up a needle to sew this week!  I want you to know that though we have slowed down a bit, we have been working on some new (HINT) IDEAS that are soon to follow.  Everything will be (HINT)  JUST DUCKY very soon. So stay tuned….rubber-ducky


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INSPIRATION: Myrtle’s Pansy Apron

Evelyn Graham 1942 Middletown IllWe love aprons. There is probably some deep psychoanalysis behind that, but for now we’ll just say it’s because they remind us of some special women in our family history.


Two women have inspired the design of our new pansy apron: Grandmother Myrtle Elmore Graham (That’s her at the right in her bonnet and apron. There are more vintage apron pictures coming at the end of the post.) and Great Grandmother Myrtle Susanna Clea Perrine (That’s our mother with her in the picture below as she pats her sister, Nellie, on the shoulder.).

aunt nellie & GP & Leona



Both of the Myrtles loved flowers and both were known for something special from their kitchens. (Grandma Graham: French cookies and the Tom Brownfield candy. Grandma Perrine: applesauce) 





We’ve had the Pansy Apron pattern finished and for sale at shows and now it’s time to launch it on the web store! You can get your pattern HERE.

MM Pansy Apron sm

Design inspiration for the apron skirt came from vintage patterns we got from our Grandmother Graham and the center panel is a precious piece of her fabric.

MM Pansy Apron vintage fabric

paper pieced pansy

The bib gives you an opportunity to do some paper piecing.

apron pocket

We’ve added some chenille around the pockets (also inspired by a vintage pattern of Grandma’s.)

button loop

And the one-piece neck adjustable strap is held in place with a loop and a button.



Because we love aprons, we were delighted to find a great video showing amazing vintage aprons along with the poem “Grandmother’s Apron” by Tina Trivet.

We’d like to add this picture to the collection:

our Great-grandmother Eliza McCubbin Graham and her sons. Of course, she has on her apron.

GGrandma Elisa Graham and sons

Then, when we found this well-loved poem entitled “Mother’s Apron” (author unknown) which explains the importance of an apron, we were delighted and inspired. We hope you find inspiration, too!

Mother’s Apron

My mother wore an apron, a clean one every day.

A part of daily living, it served in many ways.

When she hung the wash to dry, her pockets held the pins.

The apron was a washcloth that cleaned our dirty chins.

When days were hot and humid, ’twas used to mop her brow.

When hands were wet from laundry, the apron was a towel.

Her pocket hid a needle to sew the rips we’d get.

In Mother and her apron our many needs were met.

Sometimes it was a basket for eggs or baby chicks,

A bag for garden bounty, and apples that she picked.

At suppertime, the apron protected Mother’s hands,

When taking bread from oven or lifting lids from pans.

It was a fan in evening to shoo away the flies,

But the apron’s greatest use: to wipe tears from childish eyes.

Unknown author

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Terminology–Tomato vs. Tomahto

CO Sister id tag

“No—Stop—Wait! Don’t put that on my refinished wood table/counter/desk.  Put something under it.”  So the something is highly debated around our house.  It might be the closest magazine, letter, napkin, bib, or whatever. (Yes, I’ve seen it be fresh laundry!) Something slides under the offensively dripping glass and is supposed to make everything alright.  Oh cont-rare!

Sister and I are actually selling a pattern to make such a something-that-goes-under-device but the point is — what do you call it?

cup thingCup thingy=hubby’s words

Coasters 010

Crocheted Coaster = Granny’s words

Saucer=Queen Mum’s term

final hexagon mug rug croppedMug Rug=DIY’er slang

So the reader poll begins…what do YOU call it?  What is the strangest one you’ve seen used?  Is it really necessary? (Guess who added the last question…he shall remain nameless to protect his identity.) But please protect my table!

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INSPIRATION: Sister’s Choice or Sisters’ Choice???

FL Sister id tagChoosing with my sister (and sharing with my sister) has always been the way life gets done.

At first we needed a little guidance to work it out. So Mother had a rule of thumb that helped us (like when the last piece of cake was under discussion): one of you can cut it in half and the other one gets to choose first.

But, most of the time we just took turns choosing.

That habit carried on from the time we were choosing doll clothes to play with through the wardrobe choices we made when one of us went off to college-

 and took half of the closet with her.

packing trunk

(This is closer to reality than I, rather the un-named Sister, would like to admit. Seriously!)

dish towels

Just this summer we kicked into that choosing/sharing mode when we found a stash of hand embroidered dish towels at an estate sale.

chicken towel“You take the blue one and I’ll take the chicken.”

bear towel“Okay, then, which one do you choose next? Great. I love the little bear.”

So, it’s not really a big surprise that one of our favorite blocks – found in more than one of our joint projects – has long been Sister’s Choice. It inspires us!

Sisters Choice block line drawing2

Matter of fact, we are working with Sister’s Choice right now for Project #11 in the Mother’s Medallion collection. It’s the base block for our Sister’s Idea Board.

We’ve had great fun choosing fabric for the samples

red dot smgold smturquoise smmulti sm

- and lots of laughter in choosing what elements to include in the design of the board.

Pompoms?!? Are you kidding me?  Well, how about you put the ric-rac on your board and I … well, I won’t.

Magnets? Pins? Clips? Bunting? Chalkboard fabric? What about pockets?

maybe some pockets1 sm

 ….  OOOOO this is sounding fun!

The board will be great as a Family Command Center or a Seasonal Photo Board or even a Celebrate Someone Special board in an office or classroom.

(I’m not sure my sister wanted me to let that project news out just yet. So, just between us girls, okay? And maybe I haven’t ruined the surprise by only showing you part of what we’re up to.)

We’re hoping that you’ll keep an eye on the web store so that you’ll be one of the first to make Sister’s Choice project – and perhaps you’ll choose to share it with a stitching sister.

As is often the case, I’ve forgotten – was it Sister’s Choice or Sisters’ Choice (my choice or our choice) – to use the vintage kitchen color scheme?

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Meeting adjourned: new year planned

The first of the year planning meeting has adjourned.

Sister 2 boarded the plane with her Rancher and is back to country life in Colorado.

airport exit

Don’t know that we could prove it scientifically, but it sure seems like the sun moves quicker on the days when we are together.

But, we made every minute count so we can declare that our official annual meeting was … um … full.

We started with morning coffee and good talks about a book we are reading.

(The really important things go beyond the stitching we do together.)

sisters hands sm

We drafted and sketched and designed.

ducks sm

We debated tone and value; we voted and vetoed styles and methods;

we plotted and planned via charts and schedules.

fabric sm

Then we …. (Sister, I think we should skip some of the details.) ***

And we laughed (again) at our different assumptions and approaches.

In summary: We are excited about the new lines and collections that we’ll be posting in the coming months.

So stay tuned for more opportunities to stay connected with stitching sisters.

Okay, here’s the part we left out of the official minutes ….

shopping sm

***In the interest of full disclosure, we confess that we did shop for fabric — and clothes.

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Inspired by … COLOR & Angie

We might as well admit it: there are some things that we don’t know very much about.  Hand dyed fabric is one of those things. So when Angie Madden shared her work in the vibrant colors she had produced, it was a moment to be inspired!

color swatches

The brilliant colors and the feel of the different fabrics she uses – almost beyond description. And then when she places the one-of-a-kind fabrics into quilts … OH. MY. GOODNESS.

Here’s what we’re talking about …

Autumn lighting sm

Autumn Lightening is the name of the quilt.

Almost hidden are these sweet little spiders with their webs.

(Did I just use the words “spider” and “sweet” in the same sentence?)

spider sm

The appliqued leaves on the edges are just the perfect finishing touch!

leaves appliqued sm

There is much to be learned from this stitching sister.

angie madde with autumn lightening sm

Her quilting is a fabulous example of the importance of thinking in terms of tonal value in our fabric placement. Even with her love of color, she was quick to refer to the old artist’s adage:

[Tonal] value does all the work and color gets all the credit.

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